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API Personal Certification Program (ICP) monthly examination arrangement

By TSP, From Internet, TravelPosted February 07, 2023

The API Individual Certification Program (ICP) is designed to assess the knowledge and experience of individuals working in specific areas of the oil, petrochemical and gas industry. Individuals can obtain API Personal Inspector certification to enhance their professional knowledge and skills in order to promote their career development. At the same time, the ICP program helps drive safety and operational integrity in the oil and gas industry.

ICP program sets up 21 kinds of examination items, most of which are based on API downstream refining equipment inspection standards, and mainly set up examinations for specific positions to select inspectors who meet the requirements of industry expertise and skills. The program is recognized worldwide for providing a higher level of inspection practices to the industry by certifying inspectors with the specialized knowledge and skills. More and more individual examiners are becoming API certified examiners by taking the ICP exam held annually by API. Today, more than 40,000 inspectors in 124 countries around the world hold more than 70,000 individual API certificates.

The ICP examination has a monthly window period for the examination of different subjects. Candidates may reserve a place at the appropriate venue and time after their application has been approved.